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Animal Hospital on Teasley Lane

Animal Hospital on Teasley Lane is a small animal clinic in Denton, TX that was established in 1999. We offer wellness and urgent care, surgery, and dentistry with a focus on positive experiences for our patients.

Orange Tabby Cat

Hours Of Operation

Monday Through Friday
7 am to 6 pm by appointment

Drop off appointments available for your convenience

Our Services

Wellness Exams

Wellness exams are an important part of preventing disease.

We recommend a yearly exam to help identify any potential health issues early on so that they can be easily treated.

The state of Texas requires us to maintain a veterinary client patient relationship (VCPR) before filling medications for your pet or offering medical advice over the phone.

Those clients with an existing VCPR and up to date wellness exam are given first priority when scheduling urgent and fit in exams.  

Image by Parker Coffman

Urgent Care

If your pet is suffering from a health issue such as tummy troubles, a skin or ear infection, urinary discomfort, an injury, or any other ailment, please give us a call so that we can do our best to fit you in. 

Priority is given to existing patients with an up to date wellness exam, but we will try to help whenever we are able, even if you are not an existing client. 

Veterinary medicine is currently facing longer wait times than usual, as many older doctors are retiring and those of us who remain have seen drastic increases and lower numbers of veterinary assistants and technicians in the job market. 

We may offer a drop off appointment instead of a scheduled in person appointment time if we are fully booked. This allows our doctors to look at your pet in between their other appointments so that they can get the help they need as soon as possible.

If we are not able to fit you in, we will recommend one of our very capable local colleagues, or an ER facility. 

Veterinarian with Dog

Emergency and Referral Services

We offer stabilization and emergent care during office hours and collaborate with local emergency clinics for overnight care. 

We are lucky to be in close proximity to both Denton and Flower Mound ER for overnight care and to have access to several specialty clinics in the metroplex for advanced diagnostic, treatment, and surgical services. 

Image by Markus Winkler

Diagnostic Testing

We offer in house bloodwork and x-rays, and use a reference lab for those blood tests and biopsies that require special testing or a pathologist's trained eye. 

Most bloodwork and diagnostics will be done within an hour, or even less, meaning your pets get the help they need as soon as possible. 

We work with local specialty clinics for more advanced diagnostics, like ultrasound, CT scans, or fluoroscopy. 

Scientist in the Lab


Dr. Epstein is a confident surgeon who regularly performs spay and neuter surgeries, cystotomies, mass removals, wound debridement and repair, stenotic nares repair, cherry eye repair, entropion repair, limb or digit amputation, exploratory abdominal surgeries, and other surgical procedures. 

We can schedule spay and neuter procedures without a previous exam, a brief exam will be performed day of surgery. If your pet is in need of another surgical procedure, a full exam will be necessary before the surgery can be scheduled. 

Image by Priscilla Du Preez

Veterinary Dentistry

Regular dental care is important for preventing pain and infection. 

We offer dental radiographs, scaling and polishing of teeth, and dental extractions when indicated. 

For more advanced care, such as root canals, or uncommon dental issues that require specialized care, we can refer you to a dental specialist.

At the Vet

Contact Us

Please use our TeleVet Widget to ask a question, make a non-urgent appointment or to refill medication.


If you have an emergency or urgent question during office hours please call the clinic. 

If you would like to refill medications online, please go to our online store: 

3517 Teasley Lane
Denton, TX 76210


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