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Common Inquiries

Do you treat exotic animals?

We treat cats and dogs.

We will also take in wildlife until we can get it to a rehabber if you cannot find a safe place for them on your own. 

If you are an existing client and must euthanize an exotic pet, Dr. Epstein will often make an exception to help you in these situations, but we always recommend seeing an exotic vet when possible. 

Do you offer payment plans?

We do not offer payment plans. 

If you are planning for an elective procedure and would like to prepare in small increments to prepare/prepay we can do this. 

If you have an emergency and do not have funds, we can help you to find resources that can assist you. 

Do you offer pet insurance?

While we, like most clinics, do not offer pet insurance, we can happily forward records to make sure they will cover the services as outlined in your agreements. 

Be aware that pet insurance pays you back for what you spend on veterinary care. Make sure to closely evaluate any plans you may consider to make sure that they will cover common ailments for your pet's breed. 

Do you offer curbside medicine?

While we do allow clients in the building, we can offer curbside services if you desire. Let us know when you arrive and your pet will be brought inside for treatment. 

Be aware that phone lines may be busy and curbside often takes a bit longer than in house care, so it's a good idea to arrive 5 to 10 minutes early.

We are now alllowing clients in the building. Please opt for curbside or reschedule if you are feeling unwell, and wear a mask if you are the least bit concerned that you may be having any symptoms of illness or have had recent contact with someone who may be ill. 

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